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Your help is needed!

Whether it’s sorting, pricing or working at the cash register, volunteers are vital in helping our shops make a difference in the community and around the world. We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team. Volunteering can help build your resume, help give back to the community, build friendships and support the work of MCC. There are many reasons to volunteer with us!

Getting Started

Interested in volunteering and wondering where to start? The best place to start is to Contact your local MCC Thrift Shop either in person or on their website.

You can ask them for a volunteer application and talk about how you might be able to help at their location. Volunteering is fun and a terrific way to help an important cause.

If you’d prefer that someone contact you about volunteering, you can contact us here.

Working with MCC Thrift

Interested in working with us? Click the links below to find available job opportunities in your area.


This thrift shop is the best place on earth. Erna Kornelson


I have met many really nice people in my venture. Homer Witmer


I certainly say that life at the MCC Thrift Shop has been inspiring. Rick Wall


We like the fact that we're helping people all over the world whenever we are doing our part in the shop. Carol Koch Wall


The first 'new' dress I ever owned was from MCC. I was eleven years old, and I remember it had beautiful red buttons on it. I was so thrilled to have a new dress! Erna Kornelson


This matches MCC's vision for peace, more needed than ever around the world. Jessie Klassen


Seeing satisfaction on people's faces . . . and knowing it all goes to MCC -- that feels good. Grant Bauman


I consider it a blessing to have found the MCC Thrift Shop. Betty Anne Pajot


I believe life is a gift with many resources yet to be discovered. Gerald Schwartzentruber


I saw how much fun the volunteers were having! Emily Price


Life is full and rewarding when we help others, and I feel so very privileged that God has given me the opportunity to serve Him in this way. Marg McKee


I was inspired by my mother and father's years of volunteering with MCC Thrift! We decided to continue their legacy. Ruth Ann Bauman

Volunteer opportunities at an MCC Thrift Shop

  • Greeter

    Greeters are one of the most important volunteer positions at our shops. They help set a welcoming tone for customers entering the shop. Whether it’s a warm hello or a friendly smile, greeters help us keep customer service a top priority.
  • Cashier

    Volunteers who work the cashier are yet another friendly face of our organization. As they help customers complete their purchases they are simultaneously helping us be a kind and caring presence in the community and raising money for MCC.
  • Bagger

    Volunteer baggers help the cashier by bagging bought items, provide friendly customer service, and help maintain efficient cash counters.
  • Retail Assistant

    Volunteer retail assistants keep our retail floors looking in tip-top shape, whether it’s straightening out the changing rooms or restocking empty selves.
  • Receiving Donations

    We value the donations that come into our backdoors. We need volunteers with friendly smiles and strong backs to help us receive the variety of items that are donated to our shops each day.
  • Donation Sorter

    Donation sorters help keep our backroom processes efficient. We need volunteers who can spot hidden gems, vintage finds and quality items.

  • Pricing/Tagging Items

    Once donations are sorted, we need volunteers to price the items before they make it to the retail floor. Whether it’s a rack of clothing or a cart of household items, each item you price is another item that can be sold to support the MCC’s relief, development and peace work around the world.
  • Building/Designing displays

    The best part of thrift shopping is that the merchandise changes daily. You never know what you might find. We need volunteer craftsmen and designers to help us keep our rotating retail floor and window displays looking great.
  • Cleaning

    There is no task too great or too small! MCC Thrift Shops strive to keep our businesses clean, free from funny smells and dirty mechandise. Volunteers who give their cleaning skills to our shops are not only helping us maintain a friendly presence but are also helping us keep up our brand.
  • Helping with social media

    Do you love staying connected? Maintaining our online presence keeps our marketing plan strong and helps our shops stay up-to-date with the communities around them.
  • Helping with special events

    Do you love planning parties? MCC Thrift Shops have a lot of reasons to celebrate and we need your help to organize the fun, whether it is a shop anniversary celebration, a fashion show or a volunteer appreciation dinner.