items illustratedYou could win 1 of 8 $25 MCC Thrift promotional gift cards. We’re giving away one a week starting Wednesday April 21, 2021 and ending Wednesday June 9, 2021. There are two ways to enter:

1. Take the Thrift First pledge

By signing up to take the Thrift First pledge, you will receive one entry into the draw. Those who have signed up by 11:59 CDT on the day preceding the draw will be entered to win.

2. Sharing your thrifted finds on Instagram

Post a picture of something you bought at an MCC Thrift shop on your Instagram feed and tag @mccthrift and use the hashtag #ThriftFirst to enter. You must also be following @mccthrift to be eligible to win. Those who have posted by 11:59 CDT on the day preceding the draw and are following @mccthrift will be entered to win.


  • April 21: Julie V. from Alberta
  • April 28: Chrissy D. from British Columbia
  • May 5: Laura H. from Alberta
  • May 12: Leeanne G. from Ontario
  • May 19: Donna L from Manitoba
  • May 26: Kim J from British Columbia
  • June 2: tiredkidneybean from British Columbia
  • June 9: Heather B from British Columbia

Congrats to all our winners!

Frequently asked questions

Can I enter as many times as I want?

You will receive one entry for taking the thrift first pledge. You will also receive one entry for each Instagram post that meets the above criteria. You may post unlimited times and will receive one entry for each qualifying Instagram post.

Are the entries cumulative?

Yes, any entries that do not win will be rolled forward to the next week. Anyone who wins will be excluded from further winning in this contest.

Is anyone ineligible to win?

Any current MCC staff or MCC Thrift staff or MCC Thrift volunteers that have volunteered since January 1, 2021 are ineligible to win. Participants must also reside in Canada or the United States.

I won! Can my promotional gift card be used at any MCC Thrift shop?

Once the winner is randomly selected, we will contact you to determine which location is preferred for your promotional gift card. Promotional gift cards may not be used for shop locations other than the one it is issued for.