Calgary MCC Thrift Shop

Calgary MCC Thrift Shop

Woman shopping at an MCC thrift shopOn a hot Saturday afternoon in July 1973, Agnes Dyck received a phone call from Jacob Retzlaff of MCC Alberta. It was an invitation to have a look at a men’s clothing store at 1009 1st  Street SE. The owner wanted to sell the building and get rid of his business. MCC could have all the merchandise in return for cleaning up the place. He would even rent one of the units to MCC temporarily. Agnes Dyck sent letters to all the churches asking for help. Men and women from Calgary and surrounding area churches came. They saw suits! Thousands of suits, vests, shirts and pants – some on hangers, some in heaps on the floor. They were old and new. The volunteers cleaned them up and soon a store sign was in place “MCC Variety Store”. Shelves and racks were installed and they opened for business on July 27, 1973. Very soon they had a variety of merchandise for sale, all donated by the local constituency.

While not all of the space is dedicated to MCC Thrift , the shop has been through several moves and renovations since those days to the large 3 storey venue you see today. 

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    2946 32nd Street NE
    Calgary, AB T1Y6J7

    Phone: (403) 272-0282

    Shopping Hours

    Mon - Sat: 9:30am - 5:30pm
    Sun: Closed

    Donation Hours (Effective March 1st 2020)

    Mon - Sat: 9:30am - 4:30pm
    Sun: Closed